Dude ! Where's My ATM ?

Most of you guys will probably has used a ATM card sometime in your lifetime. Most of you guys probably using a one too. Anyway, isn't there were any times that one of your friends has called you and asked the directions for a ATM nearest to him as he want to get some cash in a hurry. or hasn't there been any incident that you are in a new office or a place and you want to get some cash but you don't know the location of a ATM ? isn't it frustrating that you have your money, but don't know where to get it in a hurry.

Heres a great trick that you can try to locate a ATM that has the "VISA" service. This service is provided by the "VISA" as a service to there customers. But even if you don't have a VISA card, you can try it. The only thing you have to do is to , go to the Site given by the address at the bottom of the post , and select the required country and type in the city you want to search, and whaaa ! you get your address with the bank details and every thing.

The great thing is, it woks for all the small cities in every where in the world. I tried this several times and it always gave me the details I needed. Some may think that this is very stupid as , you may think where can we find the access to the internet in a hurry. But think it like this. If you are in a hurry and there are no access to the internet, you can call one of your friend that has the resources and ask him to search for you. and anyway in srilanka, there will be some what difficult to find a place that hasn't got a net-cafe. So , yep ! It is practical . All you need to do is to set a bookmark on the site address and then you need not to worry about the ATM locations anymore.

Address :- http://visa.via.infonow.net/locator/global/

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JanuZ said...

Hah... if you're so desperate for money, carry enough with you !! hehe..just kidding.

Happy birthday man.. why haven't you posted in a while ? Post something with your birthday stuff !

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