We are in War . FireFox3 Vs IE8 Round 1

In Between a huge amount of my campus work, I couldn't resist to post this News.
Even though, 'm not a Huge IE fan (never uses it) , I always think that criticism
should always come after a fair trial to all the parties,
If 'm the judge,. My opinion would not count , if I was not fair to every parties Involved
in the trial. Therefore I thought that I should start to test the New sleek IE8 that has
announced its first Beta1 release today to the public.
In the Time period of Firefox 3 release date ,announcing its first appearance remembers
to me that the Browser war is not Yet Over and It's not even started.

[Remember that the IE8 has passed the ACID test fairly]

With the new features of FireFox3 , IE still tends to stand in the first place as its free
delivery system with the OS.

As the time of this posting, I'm still downloading the 14MB IE8 beta1 . So It's too early
to write a review (Hoping to Do in the next week).

Anyway the Actual News is that the Microsoft has announced It's new Internet
Explorer V8 Beta 1 to the general public through there web site and promised a
lot after the Failed (According to me Only) IE7 .

I'm asking every one to test the New IE8 Beta1 ASAP as we will not have time to
do it after the release of FireFox3 in near future.

Please Keep in Mind that this is Still not a fair fight as We are Talking about a Release Candidated Fireforx 3
and a Beta1 IE8. But Still It's fun to try.

good luck IE8 !

Download the IE8 beta 1 Here.

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