Past, Present and Future

  Even though I have started several times to resurrect my blog for the past year and a half, I always ended up with notice about starting and again go silent for a month  or two. But This time Iḿ serious and trying hard to resurrect the blog. I have changed my template to a more nicer one and thought of first blogging some flash back about the past year. There has been a lot and even from them, several points stand out shouting that they are worth posting.

First of all I have completed my Undergraduate degree that I have been doing for the past five years. Damn that was a relief. And also I have resigned from my job at Virtusa and was recruited in to the University it self as a Research Assistant to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Personally I like the new job as it involves more stuff that I like to do, new things to do in everyday and most importantly more relax and freedom.

Next I have bought some gadgets and stuff for me in the past year and they have been great. first of all I bought a netbook which I was longing for a long time.
Itś a Asus eeepc 1005HA. I really love this little guys as itś very handy and portable. you don´t need a large back pack to carry it around. It weights around 1.2Kg and that's hardly a weight for me. It has a 1.6Ghz intel atom processor and I have customized it to a 2GB Ram when the time of the purchasing. No need to tell about Camera , Mic , USB etc.. as they are basic for a netbook. And the best feature is the battery that lasts 10.5 hrs according to the specs and from my experience it normally goes to 8.5 hrs normal use in Linux (UNR). The default OS , windows XP actually lasted around 10 hrs on the first day I purchased it. Normally battery performance in windows is better in windows as all the proprietary hardware drivers are optimized. But I can easily satisfied with 8.5 hrs in my Linux system. If I use the system for a watching continues movies/videos then the battery only lasts around 6.5 hrs. But as I know that's normal. Even though this duration of the battery is really enjoyable and I have never needed even to take the charging kit with me. Finally , eeepc is not a performance daemon, but still it can run all the applications that I needed.

Next I bought a New Desktop PC as my last desktop was around 5 years old. This time I was targeting for a Gaming rig as even the past machine was enough for me to do all the other tasks. as a matter of fact , the reason to buy both a net-book and a Desktop was a huge decision. First I wanted a good pc with portability . But unlike most of my friends , I have fully understood that a laptop can´t fully replace a desktop (if its not a Alienware branded :D). And for the specs that I had would have cost me around 1.5LKS to buy the laptop that I wanted. But also as it cant be used to replace a desktop , I decided to purchase a good Desktop with a economical net-book which when summed that cost me around 1.3 LKS both. Therefore finally I bought a new Desktop that was targeted to a gaming rig. Even though I said it´s a desktop , I only purchased the Processor (Q9550- Intel Quad), RAM (4GB), MB (Intel) , Graphics Card (N9800GT) and a kick as Power supply which gives me pure 650W power in to the system. (Yeh it actually takes that much , my poor old UPS is not even can handle it :D ). All the other parts such as HD I have used from the previous one. To start and to test the system I have completed Crisis on it with full res with all the options turned on to max and the system did not even blinked during the extensive fights (Which I won using a Cheat :D ).

The the other thing that I purchased quite recently (Still only one month old ) during the past season is a Android powered smartphone , which I was looking forward to purchase for a long time. After the purchase my faithful SE K750i , I did not had any requirements on a phone. But I always wanted a smartt phone which I can use to brows net , blog , twitt etcc. on the way. Therefore as I found a opportunity purchase it from Malaysia, I purchased this little handy item. A HTC Tatoo running android 1.6 (Which was a most recent release and the first budget phone by HTC ). Its a really nice piece of gadget and I really like the android OS which was extended to a magically more greater os by the HTC sense UI. It contains all the high end features of the Popular HTC Hero, while it replaces the Hero capacitive touch by a more budget friendly capacitive touch. This difference is a huge different when it comes to the responsiveness of the phone, but still that gave me the budget to purchase the smart-phone, anyway , touch sensitivity is not that bad at all. (I never had a problem , it works great for me :) ).

Among all these things, nowadays I´ḿ trying out with Sinhala typing and therefore most probably I will blog sometimes in sinhala too. But that's for future, This post has been really long and really boaring and sounds more official manner and now Im fed up with the post :D . Therefore Ill just stop typing and publish this before i changed my mind and starts to rewrite it again. Anyway hope to blog soon enough .  (Not like last time ) :D

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Kasun_Pradeepa said...

Hay Man good to see u back. Keep blogging!!

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