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If I ask you , what is the most Used software that we use in our day today computing, most of you will answer it as Microsoft word.But There is another software that is becoming the new king of usability .Adobe Acrobat Reader.
But to dismay, you already Know about the Problem. The Newer versions of the Acrobat Reader are like Opening the 3DS-Max. you know What I mean? Damn, Its Too bulky for a day today Application.
Here Are some of my Favorite features that I hate Adobe Acrobat.

* Damn Cool But Bulky splash Screen
* Heavy Memory Usage
* Frequently Update Feature that plugs in to the Startup, every time You removes it.
* To Start the Applications Decently, need to launch a crappy Speed launcher at the Boot.
* Un-necessary Features Loading at Every Time i Open a small PDF
* Even Small PDFs cannot be handled decently Without Hurting the system.

I don't argue that the Adobe Acrobat Reader isn't a nice PDF reader. Think it's the best on the planet. But , What do we actually use it for? Just to view a PDF?
It's even too much for even Bill G. So what Options do we have?
In fact! We do have a Option. Rather a great one. I have Used it Several Years and , Damn It's Small.
Have you Heard a PDF reader called "Foxit Reader"? If you have, then you know what I mean, (If you haven't, then theres the link :- http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php)

Here are the features That love The Foxit Reader.

* It's Free.(Not Open source)
* Doesn't got a Splash Screen.
* Very light on the system.
* Got almost every feature that Adobe got.
* No Startup launchers,Update services, etc....
* Starts in a Flash.
* Can Handle even Larger PDFs very efficiently.

And anyway, it can read the PDFs , thats the only thing I want From Adobe Acrobat. Therefore I give my Full faith to the "Foxit Reader 2.2 "
So , Now it's your chance to check it. I don't say that you should use it. I'm only saying you should try it.
Check it for yourself.
At the end, Just "Just Foxit The Acrobat"

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