GooG 411 - Free by google

Do you know that now you can search any business from your phone without surfing the net?
Yep! now it's there. Google Offers this amazing new service to all persons, without any
subscription. Just like Google Search. Only thing is it's still in beta (Haha ! isn't Gmail is still in beta?)

You can just call the required International Phone number (Don't worry. It's free) and just say what
you want. it's that easy.
and again, if you want, they will send you an Text message to your cell phone with the details of the
business that you searched.
It's not over, If you are really keen on finding that place, then you can order a map to the place.
It's that simple. Just like that.

Sadly, it's only available in USA only. But Still good for the hope.

Go to "" for more details.

Way to go Google!

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