Enemy at the Gates -A Remarkable story of WWII

Jean-Jacques Annaud has done a remarkble job by completing this story. Itś a story about a Soviet Sniper who emerged on the time period of 1942-43 on war at city of Stalingrad. Jude Law as the main character Vassilie Zaitsev , found his rival of the German camp face to face in order to uplift their own camps moral.
Even though the story starts as a WWII war story, it continuous to a passionate love story, a story of jealously , Bravery and a keen plot of cat-&-mouse.
The story unfolded all there is to suck my attraction in to it. and at the final, just got off me from my seat. Other than the historical event alterations, the film is a must watch category . And any way , why the hell do we want a history lesson , when we already know them. and Itś always good to see a movie that don't care about the war, but the story.
One thingś for sure . the future movies lost a front seat on my top list for a long time. And I give a 9/10 and also a good salute to the Director.
If you want some details , go to ¨http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0215750/¨

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