GNOME 2.20 Released

The popular Desktop Gnome, has released it's newest release, Gnome 2.20. If you don't know what is Gnome , Just Imagine the GUI of "Ubuntu". 6 months cycle of the release, has now offered the users a more neat and stable Desktop environment.
This time , the Gnome developers has focused more on the stability and the reliability of the DE, than the GUI (some eye-candy also). Below are some major improvements of the new release.

  • User Profile Editor - More advanced user profile editor.
  • GDM - Gnome Display manager improvements.
  • GTK + - The new GTK UItoolkit.
  • Pango -The Pango text rendering system.
  • Glade -Improvements to the Glade user interface designer.
  • Accerciser -The new accerciser Accessibility Explorer.
  • Documentation- The new Gnome Documentation system.
  • Evolution - Improvements to the Popular email & group ware client.
  • Epiphany - Significantly improved web browser.
  • eog - ego Image viewer is now faster and more stable.
  • Evince viewer - Document viewer now supports interactive PDF forms.
  • TomBoy - New note synchronization.
  • gedit - The all-new syntax-highlighting system for the gedit Text editor.
  • Nautilus - File manager now shows more information in the "Properties" window for drives.
  • Keyring - Encrypting and Password system now can encrypt multiple files + ..
  • yelp - Improvements to the Gnome Help system.
  • Power Manager - New Improved profile system.
  • Right-to-Left - Dramatical improvement to the Right-to-Left languages.
likewise there are some other improvements also. If you are Interested, please visit the official release notes at ""

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