Digg this Digsby - Messenger or Pandoras Box?

Today, a Messenger is an essential software tool that we need to continue our day today life. Most of us are addicted to it and because of it, most of us are registered in several messaging networks, for an example Yahoo, MSN , AIM, Google talk etc... Therfore we got several friends that span around these all networks and therefore in order to be in contact with them, we need to use all of these messaging networks. Probably You already know what I'm going to hit this time.

Yep , That's the Point. In need of these all networks, we need to Install all of their native messenger clients in our machine [Using the webmessenger is not an option... :-)] . and anyone who use these clients know how much resources that they require to present their eye candy to us [even though Google talk uses less memory , we need other clients too]. and having contacts around several clients is a headache for a hardcore chatter. Therefore we need a solution that will help us in this matter.

Sure! MSN supports Yahoo & Yahoo supports MSN & also Google talk supports AIM etc... But is there a way to integrate all of this? Yep! I know its already there, Trillium and likewise. But trillium isn't free. You have to pay for the Pro version. And there is a open source solution too , and a great one, which I highly recommend - " Pidgin " . But lets face the truth, there are few drawbacks in pidgin,

1. It doesn't supports Audio and Video
2. It doesn't Supports Skinning :-) - Don't be Ashamed, You know It's true.

So where are we now? To answer all these questions, we have a new Promising Solution. Its not Perfect. But It's a very promising one.

"Digsby". This is the Magic word.

Digsby is a new MultiProtocol Messenger Client , currently supporting Yahoo,MSN , Google , AIM, Jabber , ICQ ...And not only it supports Messaging, it also has integrated supports for the Social networks that we use, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc..Following are some Major features of DigsBy

  • MutiProtocol Support
Yahoo, MSN , Google , AIM, Jabber , ICQ .. That's about the all of them na?
  • Integrated Social Network Support
Facebook, MySpace, Twitter .. Whoopy!

  • Audio/Video Support for All Networks [ :() ]
This is done through "TalkBox" , and It uses a Flash based small applet to transfer them. But isn't it nice, to chat with all our friends via same client. And the Quality is Damn good , although there is a small lag in transferring .
  • Contacts Merging
Yep, That's what I talking about. Now you can Merge several contacts of the same user to a single name.
  • File Transferring
Even though they have accomplished a major point in A/V transferring, Basic file transferring is still some what buggy
  • Custom PSM
Now you can do what ever you like with your PSM [even though this is provided by all other clients , still it counts]
  • Integrated E-mail Support
It can Check your any kind of mail account and manage it locally - :-)
  • Cool Notifications
It Supports Notifications by sound and pop up for almost every task.
  • Chatting Via the Pop-up
This is a new feature, Now you can chat not only by the Main chatting window, also by the Notification pop-up. This is a great help to those little chitty chats.
  • Supports SMS
Not only it support for IM & e-mail , it also supports sms, for mobile to the supported networks such as MSN.
  • Skins
Digsby Supports Skins and there are Several Skins Currently to select. Hopefully there will be more.- Looks very nice

  • Music Details PSM
It also Supports to set the PSM to the Song title that you are listening.
  • Chat History
Digsby also Supports Chat History Logging.

Like wise there are lots of cool features in the Digsby. I only tried it for Several Weeks And Already I'm Addicted to it. Anyway there are some Drawbacks too.
  • The Main Application has some memory requirements , But in the Developing Forum, They accepted it and stated that they'll try to patch the memory leaks ASAP.
Again Digsby is still in Beta testing age and therefore we need to give it some time before criticizing it. But Even though It's beta, the Digsby is a very Promising kid.
So go and try it, you'll surely Love it.


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