1000 Hits !

1000 Hits in 3 1/2 month ? man, Thats Even a Higher number for me. (I'm a very high dreamer in my expectations). This is a Great day to me.1000 Hits may not be a large number to you. But it is for me.I started Blogging not from this blog. My first blog was named "What Da Hell!" in Blogspot. But it did not went very well and occasionally I stopped Writing it. And again I Started a personal Blog at wordpress and ,This time I found that wordpress is not for me and the personal blogs Suck.
Again I was Homeless and This time I strictly decided to continue with Blogspot with a blog that I can Continue. So hear I am , posting a article after just 3 1/2 month about the 1000 Hits of my Blog. And in this moment I must thank all of you to ,reading my blog. I know Its not Top quality. But Thanx for the Help you gave me. And I must Thank my Friend Januz for the help he gave me. His Article about the Installation of KDE4 was a great hit and it was a Pillar of the Path to the 1000 Hits. (Pillars actually is a block in the path - lol )

Thanx again and C ya ltr. Hope to Blog soon.

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Kasun_Pradeepa said...

Hay dude,
First want to wish you about your dream came true.And also take it as a miracle and do it ahead. Hope to see you in a new article.

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