How To Install Enlightenment (E17) in Fedora 8

From the Day I got to know about Gnome and KDE , I was very thriled by them and gnome was my favorite. I started to hack in every way I can to finalize a ultimate Linux box. But as more as I hack in to them , I got to know that even though I could produce a cool Linux box, it was heavy on my poor system. Therefore I looked in to the world of DEs to find a better solution and I was not impressed by most of the small DEs. as they didn't even produce a small amount of eye candy that I was looking for.
Then I found The "e". Mostly Known as "Enlightenment". From that day, I was keen to test It. But It was not an easy task at that time. "e" was not on the repositories of the main distributions and there were no binaries to install directly. Therefore I could not install it. But after these many years I'm again on to the quest of Installing "e" to my perfectly running Fedora8 Box. Even after all these years , Its Still not an easy task to directly install it using normal package managers. Therefore I Thought I would compile a Guide to explain my steps in this procedure.

So , Here goes. "

Even you can install "e" from several Famous repositories, They always install the latest Stable release. Currently "e16". But I went for the newest release which still in developing stages - "e17". There is no official way to install "e17" without the cvs version which I have to Compile - That would take ages -. Therefore I found another way to install "e17" on to fedora 8.

Step 1
- Installation of Required repositories -
Download and Install repository maintained By Professor Kriehn.This is a Unofficial repository .
  1. But Its very easy and safe- Download From here.
  2. Download and Install livna repository - Download From here.

Step 2

- Installation of Additional Packages.
Which Will be needed as Dependencies. You can skip this safely ,as YUM will automatically download these when its needed. But Anyway Its always safer to be Ready.

xine-lib-devel ,libtool-ltdl-devel ,gettext-libs ,gettext-devel ,taglib-devel ,libmpd ,libmpd-devel libtheora-devel ,giblib ,giblib-devel ,imlib2-devel ,libxkbfile-devel ,libast ,

To install This, get the root priviladges or use "sudo" before the following command.
yum install xine-lib-devel libtool-ltdl-devel gettext-libs
gettext-devel taglib-devel libmpd libmpd-devel libtheora-devel
giblib giblib-devel imlib2-devel libxkbfile-devel libast eterm

Step 3
- Installation of "e17" core files. weights about 48MB
yum install e_dbus e_dbus-devel e_modules-alarm e_modules-bling
e_modules-calendar e_modules-cpu e_modules-deskshow e_modules-emu
e_modules-flame e_modules-forecasts e_modules-language e_modules-mail
e_modules-mem e_modules-mixer e_modules-moon e_modules-net e_modules-news
e_modules-penguins e_modules-photo e_modules-rain e_modules-screenshot
e_modules-slideshow e_modules-snow e_modules-taskbar e_modules-tclock
e_modules-uptime e_modules-weather e_modules-winselector e_modules-wlan
e_phys e_phys-devel eclair ecore ecore-devel edb edb-devel edje edje-devel
edje_editor edje_viewer eet eet-devel efreet efreet-devel elicit elitaire
embryo embryo-devel emotion emotion-devel emphasis empower emprint engrave
engrave-devel engycad enhance enhance-devel enlightenment enlightenment-devel
enthrall entrance entrance-devel entrance_edit_gui entrance_edit_gui-devel
entropy epeg epeg-devel ephoto epsilon epsilon-devel esmart esmart-devel
estickies etk etk-devel etk_extra etk_extra-devel evas evas-devel evfs
evfs-devel ewl ewl-devel exhibit exml exml-devel expedite exquisite
extrackt rage scrot
If It ask to accept the key of the repository, Accept it.

Step 4
- Installation of Themes and Extras .weights about 43MB
This is Optional. you can Skip this step safely.
yum install enlightenment-backgrounds enlightenment-startup entrance-themes

Step 5
- thats All . Theres no other steps. Now LOGOUT.
Logout the current session and relogin using your Username and password . But Please Select the Session as "Enlightment" From the Session Selector before Login.

Yahoo !, I got my "e" up and Running.

PS - It got Some nice logging effects and Some Cool desktop effects.- Like Fire Effects On above Pics.

Here is My Slide show of the installation

Please Feel Free to place Comments and Screens of your "e" Box.


JanuZ said...

Wow.. nice work bro. Thanks for all the hard work.

embedded said...

Hi Could you please tell me how to install Edje editor?

embedded said...

Could you please tell me how to install Edje editor?

Dasun said...

Cant test it, But I think the Edje editor is in the fedora repository , try
" yum install edje* "If you can find it there, try adding the RPMfusion repositories and try doing it again.

embedded said...

I have fedora 5 . Whatever the steps you have mentioned to install Edje editor is not working for Fedora 5.Could you please tell me how to install Edje editor on Fedora 5.

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