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As I said in the previous post, The past few months were the most exciting time of the Gnu/Linux. From the day when I first installed my first Red hat System, I´ve been hearing that the year of the Linux desktop has come. Every year we believe that it is the Year of Linux Desktop. But as the mass popularity to the Windows XP , that day was postponing to a uncertain date. But last year a Miracle happened. After So many years of development, Microsoft has released there newest OS Vista.
I think the release of Vista had a major impact on Gnu/Linux´s popularity more than the day Linus himself released the first version of his tiny kernel .
Even more, Microsoft hadn´t stopped from it. Just after that great help, they announced the Discontinuity of Windows XP on later 2008. So as now, the day has come. 2008 is the Desktop year of Gnu/Linux. Its now for sure as it is currently backing by a major Software company on the world [Microsoft inc.]
Therefore, every Major vendor, started from their full potential to create the ultimate Gnu/Linux desktop. Because of it, every day we hear about a release of a new version. [go to Distrowatch ad check the Daily news- they are full of them]. Some Like Fedora has even started to release customised versions for every specialised fields [Spins]. Therefore now we got full of distros to check and hack. But as we already know, we cannot check every distro by our self. So I thought, why not we get together and try them. therefore, I´m starting a poll to check ¨Who has got it right ?¨.
I tried to add every major distribution with their latest version, Some are betas while some are finalised versions. but almost every version is stable enough to check. So I ask you to contribute to this poll from the way you can. Please kind enough to vote the Best version that you think that has got the path to the ¨Ultimate Desktop Linux Version¨ correctly.

  • Please Note that this is not a poll to check , what's the best disto. [Every Distro is equally weighted in their specialities]. The poll is only to check the best version currently running.
  • Please do not vote just to get your favourite distro to the top. Vote Once only and Vote with reasons.
  • Please Comment on the facts , that you have Voted on your choice. [Important- This is the objective of this poll - To find who has the best features ]
  • To Ubuntu Community - We know you are Out there, So dont Just click ¨Vote¨ to tell that again. Vote with reasons.


Wires said...

It's not quite as clear-cut as that, I'm afraid.

While some might say that not including mp3 support out of the box is a big no-no, there are distros out there that have very little choice in the matter if they want to keep everything above board.

There are also distros that decide to include most things you need on DVD, and others that just give you the bare minimum, expecting you to customise yourself from the internet. Which is right? Depends on whether you've got a sensible internet connection.

What is your computer going to be used for? If you are going to be compiling code, a streamlined build system is important. If you're more likely to mainly be playing music and browsing the internet, you probably don't care about that as much, and might sacrifice small speed boosts for higher compatibility out of the box.

It's apples, oranges, bananas, lemons and radishes out there, and there is currently no single distro that can be said to be "getting it all right".

Dasun said...

yes wires, I totally agrees to it.in fact I also think as that, for an example I my self use a Fedora box. Every one knows ,fedora isn´t the most easiest. but anyway I like some features of it. For an example, I like the idea been totally Foss. like wise every one has its own speciality. that's why I told in my post that , this is not a poll to check what's the best distro. its only a poll to check who has succeeded in finding the correct path in their own Specialities.
And again to all voters, please state what are the reasons to your vote. Again to Ubuntu community-Please comment.

chanux said...

To be clearer Linus never had an OS. He just have a *Great* kernrel. :D

Dasun said...

Thanx chanux, Chek it, I hv now corrected it.

JanuZ said...

Yes, it's definitely akin to comparing apples and oranges. Every distro has it's strengths and weaknesses. For example, Ubuntu is great for newbies who just want things to work out of the box. Fedora is great for enthusiasts who like to get their hands dirty. Furthermore, due to the intimate connection with Redhat, it's also a great platform to learn Linux in anticipation for a job. Redhat is the defacto leader in enterprise Linux market, so familiarity with Fedora will be a great asset to any budding sys admin. Gentoo is for the hardcore, slightly masochistic Linux users who want to customize everything down to the last nut and bolt holding the system together.
Every distro is targeted for a specific market, but each one of them is unified with each other by the Linux kernel and GNU toolchain. In fact, the availability of so many different distributions is exactly what is so great about FOSS. The consumers win because they have so many options. The community wins because good things that happen to one distro tickles down to all the others, collectively improving everything. It doesn't matter which distro gains popularity, it's still going to be a win for Linux as a whole.

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