Fedora 9 ? , Centos 5.2 ? - Part I

As you probably guess now, most of my articles are about Fedora and Probably you should know by now that I' m a very much Fedora Fan boy. The thing is I like the idea behind the Fedora project [Cutting Edge technology] and also behind the Redhat [ Fully Free ].

Therefore I really like the Fedora Distributions and Finally I was able to fully switch to the world of Linux by abondening the Windows era. [ Thanx for the Fedora 9 ].
But there's a problem that I can not overcome easily. That is my machine is not very up-to-date. As already you guys know Fedora is known as a little resource requiring distro.

So even in the most sad mood I decided to switch to a less resource requiring distro.
As we Linux guys already know, now comes the most difficult question.

"What's the Distribution ?"

As usual there are lot of alternatives to chek when it comes to a distrobutio selection.
For me , It should be Stable, less resource required and must be Damn fast. Therefore after about a weeks research, I short listed in to two Distros. Newest Centos 5.2 & PCLinuxOS Gnome 2008.

Finall I decide to tryout Centos 5.2 as It' a direct clone of RedHat 5.2 which recently released and I already is familiar with "Yum" and all the things in Fedora. I know RedHat 5.2 and Centos 5.2 are already outdated by theire appliactions. But anyway I can Manage my applications on my own. I don't really need a package manger that update automatically. And Yum is great if you have little skills .

Therefore currently I'm downloading the Centos 5.2 DVD and due to the slower net connectivity it'll be two days before my journey begins.
I'll post a review as soon as I tried Centos. So keep in tune.

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