Fedora 9 ? , Centos 5.2 ? - Part II

I'm back with my journey with the Cantos 5.2 in my hand. Fairly
speaking it has not gone good. First of all I'm back with my trust
worth Fedora 9 . And as for the Cantos, I have some suggestions on my
own to anyone who wants it [ :-) ] .

First of all , I must tell you that in my whole article I'm not saying that the reason to my re transition was that the Centos 5.2 is bad. So keep reading in open mind.


The first time I tried to install Centos 5.2 DVD, after it has collected all the informations, The installation got stuck in the middle of the process saying that the media cannot be accessed due to some reason. I downloaded the DVD using torrent and therefore I did not try to hash chek it. So I was supprissed and tried again. This time I completed the media check feature and My DVD came Clean. Therefore I tried agian with the installation and This time it went through. Other than this small incident (mostly due to the DVD Drive) , I really enjoyed my familier anaconda installer (Red Hat system installer). It was bit outdated to the Latest Anaconda version in the Fedora 9 . But It was expected.

First boot

This was also the same as Fedora first boot. It asks soome general questions and finally restarted. But at the end, it greeted me with a new Centos Login screen. I was thrilled to continue and just logged in to my new system. There was a small bit of information that i forget to mention. That was that the initial system was unable to identify my Default Screen resolution (1440 * 900 - Wide Screen ). But it was not a high critical thing as I already know how to correct it when i logged in.

In Gnome

First thing that I tried was to correct my screen resolution . It was defaultly set to (1280 * 1024). And when finally I changed to my prefered Screen resolution (1440 * 900) I restarted my X-server in order to gain new Screen resolutions. But to my dismay, the Screen resolution came back again to 1280 *1024 . I don't know why didn't it got changed. But I tried several times and even afterm a restart , it didn't came to my prefered screen resolution. Then I thought it was a problem in my video driver and I just skip it to check the other stuff.
Thats where the problem started. I opend up the firefox and it was FF3-beta5. But aftr browsing the net for several minuets, I started to find that the firefox and the nautilus are startingto get heavy and they started to get more fat nad non responsive. This is a situation that I'm familiar with my Fedora 9 and This is th emain reason that i started to get a new Distro .And also by spending several hours on the new system, I found that Centos 5.2 is exactly same as the initial installation of a Fedora 7 ( I hav use the Fedora 7 for a time in the past ).
And Finally I got in to the conclusion that Centos 5.2 can be a stable distro. but it's still same as Fedora 7. And as for a Desktop distro Centos cannot be a good distribution for me . Because I already have Fedora 9 and now I'm pretty sure now that the problem is not in fedora , but in the Firefox 3.
So I just Delete the Centos partition and Came back in to Fedora 9.


First of all I'm not telling that the Centos 5.2 is not stable or anything like that. I'm only telling that it is not for me.
By trying the Centos , I expected a change such as WindowsXP vs Windows 2000 , But fairly speaking theres no such different between Fedora 9 and Centos 5.2.
I'm sure that centos is more stable than Fedora 7 . but speeded my machine as I was expected.
So finally I'm again at Fedora 9 . :-)

PS :- I found the problem in Firefox 3 that was causing the fat in Fedora 9 (or in any other distro). I'll post another post on that asap.

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